Paramedical Services


As your partners, we take pride in providing you professional, reliable and effective services with human caring.

Dependant on your specific policy requirements, our Health Professionals are able to conduct physical examinations including:

  • Paramedical
  • Electronic Paramedical
  • Tele-Interview
  • Medical Exam (General Practitioner, Internist, Cardiologist)
  • Mini-Para/Vitals
  • Vitals/Specimen Collection
  • Specimen collection (blood, urine - 2-day urine, HIV, Hep screen, Drug screen, CBC, PSA, etc.)
  • Resting ECG
  • Stress ECG
  • X-ray
  • Special Exams (MIBI, Echo-cardiogram, MRI, Spirometry)
  • Signature verification and capture
  • Full complement of multi-lingual/multi-ethnic health professionals

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