What's new?

What's new: our look, our name, and our perspective.

Medisys Insurance Medical Services is now MedAxio Insurance Medical Services.

Recognizing your needs, we've redesigned ourselves to make it easier for you.

Your trust is our measurement of success. To earn your confidence that your business is secure in the hands of our trained and efficient professionals, we:

  • Streamline our processes and policies
  • Provide national coverage to urban and remote areas
  • Invest in ensuring a quick turnaround time, accurate and reliable data
  • Comply to evolving industry data protection standards
  • Invest in technology and training at all levels to develop professionalism
  • Focus on building our clients’ brand reputations through strong relationships
  • Partner in business development
  • Respond to local diversity

What we do

MedAxio delivers a professional, efficient, and caring customer experience across Canada. We are mindful that every person plays an important role in the application-to-policy cycle. We place great emphasis on making it easy to do business with us, both internally and externally. Creating a working partnership with MedAxio is rewarding because we are dedicated to delivering our services well, fast and effectively.

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